Designed to fit a wide range of curing, laminating, and light crosslinking applications

Interested in the sustainability and flexibility of using ebeam-cured inks or coatings? What about in-line curing of a laminate? Coil coating? There is an Omnia system ready to work for you. And no matter the job, our patented, integrated shield roll design allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a chill roll without sacrificing ease of use. Innovative design and reliable operation – Omnia delivers both.

wdt_ID Technical Specifications Values
1 Accelerating Voltage 80 to 150 kV
2 Uniform Beam Width 36 to 108 in
[910 to 2,740 mm]
4 Maximum Production Speed 1,300 ft/min
[400 m/min]
6 Maximum Surface Dose Rate
[Model and Voltage Dependent]
3 Mrad @ 1,300 ft/min
[30 kGy @ 400 m/min]
8 Cross-web Uniformity ≤ ±8.0% variation
9 Nitrogen Inerting Level ≤ 200 ppm O2
10 Product Clearance 0.059 in
[1.50 mm]
12 Web Support Patented integrated shield roll
13 Dimensions (H x W x D)
[36 in Beam Width]
53 x 105 x 83 in
[135 x 266 x 210 cm]
15 Facility Requirements Electricity, cooling water, and nitrogen