X-ray is not just for imaging

Whether you’re interested in pathogen reduction and sterilization or chemical modification, x-ray can be the solution! Where can x-ray processing be applied? As with ebeam, the core principle of x-ray technology is simply that x-rays break chemical bonds. What happens afterward (bonds remain broken, reform, and/or initiate a reaction) is chemistry. How this principle is used to create x-ray applications is up to your ingenuity!

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Why choose low-energy, high-production (L.E.H.P) x-ray processing?

With L.E.H.P. x-ray processing, you no longer have to make the tough to decision to send your product out to a gamma/high-energy x-ray facility or to process your product in-house but with an offline, small batch, low-energy x-ray system that is incapable of keeping up with production. With L.E.H.P. x-ray processing, integration into a continuous process – that’s in-house AND inline! – is finally possible. How? With the highest throughput of any low-energy x-ray system on the market, that’s how. And while we can’t promise to meet the throughput of gamma for every process, we don’t have to tell you the value of a secure supply chain in our current era of unpredictability. Not to mention an in-house process eliminates a transportation step and coordinating and scheduling with an outside facility, all of which takes time, effort, and money.

No radioactive source is quite a benefit for x-ray processing as well.  There’s no decay of throughput over time, production growth is as easy as purchasing another x-ray system, and there’s no reliance on radioactive material and the regulations surrounding it. L.E.H.P. x-ray processing is also cool – cool as in awesome, of course, but also cool as in the product remains at room temperature during processing. Temperature control can be an important aspect of production for applications such as fresh foods and pharmaceuticals. Speaking of foods, did you know that x-ray processing is a chemical-free way of achieving pathogen reduction and sterilization?

To learn more about the L.E.H.P. process and how it relates to pathogen reduction in foods and extended shelf life, check out our development partner  — Rayfresh Foods.

What can you do with x-ray?

Your imagination is the limit! Did you know that both x-ray and ebeam are forms of ionizing radiation? This means that they can break chemical bonds and thus initiate chemical reactions. Check out our Ebeam Applications page under the ‘What can you do with ebeam?’ section to learn more about the different types of reactions.

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Is L.E.H.P. x-ray environmentally sustainable?

Yes! Energy efficient – sustainable. Eliminating a transportation step – sustainable. No chemicals or steam for pathogen reduction – sustainable. Small footprint – sustainable.  And those benefits are all process related; application benefits bring sustainability, too. Longer shelf life for reduced food waste – sustainable. More robust medical devices for increased wear – sustainable.  How will L.E.H.P. x-ray processing bring sustainability to your process?

New to x-ray? No problem.

Our applications development specialist can assist with questions, trial parameters, and/or connecting customers with experts in specific fields, such as food irradiation. Whether you are adapting a current application or inventing something completely new, we are here to help!

Visit our Lab-X page or Request Information to learn more.

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