Exceeding what was possible for low-energy x-ray

Throw out your undersized x-ray tubes and make room for eXede!  With up to 600 kW of power, in-house, in-line, x-ray process capabilities are available for the first time with this Low-Energy, High-Power (L.E.H.P.) x-ray system! Its patented design is based on PCT’s proven foundation of rugged, industrial equipment. It is field-serviceable and is backed by PCT’s experienced service staff. And whether your process includes boxes, bags, bottles, cannisters, pipes, totes, trays, tubs, or just about any material handling configuration, PCT can integrate it with eXede. Our mechanical and electrical engineers excel at providing customized solutions to fit every customer’s needs.

wdt_ID Technical Specifications Values
1 Rated Power Output up to 600 kW
2 Exposure Area Up to 96 in x 12 in (8 sq. ft)
[2,440 mm x 305 mm (0.74 sq. m)]
6 Avg. Dose Rate over Exposure Area
[Model Dependent]
Up to 600 Gy/min avg. over top surface
Up to 240 Gy/min avg. below 2 in [50 mm] of water

Note: Actual dose to product depends on presentation, density, accelerating voltage, and dwell time
10 Product Handling Customizable
13 Dimensions (H x W x D)
[47 in Target Width, excluding custom product handling]
145 x 185 x 170 in
[370 x 470 x 430 cm]
15 Facility Requirements Electricity, cooling water, and compressed air
16 Noise Level < 70.0 dB(A)